Art piece with a blue and black background. The center is abstract flowers in white, yellow, and pink. It is a collage of found objects and fabric scraps.

Seems Useful


This piece is the result of years of saving small pieces that will be useful for something. There is fabric from upholstery & quilting, pieces of broken jewelry, beads, buttons, hardware, aluminum offcuts, and lots of other odd bits & pieces.

Exhibited in ArtPrize 2023 at Roeda Studio

A framed art piece with yellow flowers created from coffee bags on a green background



Created with coffee packaging, scrap paper & fabric, broken charging cable, and other saved bits of materials.

Exhibiting at Annmarie Sculpture Garden (Maryland) in 2024

An art piece of a globe covered in flowers

Lost & Bloomed


Thrifted globe covered in fabric flowers and petals. Textiles almost never get a chance to be properly recycled, but they can be repurposed!

Exhibited in ArtPrize 2022 at Roeda Studio