There are a lot of unwanted fabric scraps in the world; we are doing our part to give them a second use! Fabric comes from friends who work in theater, quilters, coworkers, and local businesses.

Various fabric samples with coordinating flowers made of the same fabric


We recently teamed up with a local event company to find new uses for their outdated sample books and unusable table linens. One tiny stain means they cannot rent it out, but we can reuse it in so many ways!

A grouping of purple flowers made from fabric

Custom opportunities

The purple fabric in this bouquet came from a shirt that was ruined by a suitcase spill. Turn a favorite piece of clothing or other fabric into a unique memento!

See custom options here:

Customizable Items
A jumbled pile of fabric scraps

What we take

We know it can be difficult finding the right place to give away materials, we'd love to help! Our network of other makers is vast, and you never know when something might be reusable.

We take any kind of fabric, as well as paper, yarn, and other crafty bits! Use the contact page to get a conversation started.

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